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Storm, Balgeman & Klippel, S.C. work closely with their clients to identify and analyze all aspects of a concern, and to provide practical solutions that ease the resolution of these concerns. They cover everything from Bankruptcy to Wills & Trusts and everything in between.



Below is a list of practice areas for the law firm of Storm, Balgeman & Klippel, S.C. Click on desired panel for a description of that area of practice. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (414) 453-8500.



Bankruptcy & Business Reorganization


In tough economic times many individuals, families and businesses need the relief that the U.S. Bankruptcy Code provides.  We help our clients obtain that relief.  We also assist individuals and businesses who are creditors in bankruptcy cases including Chapter 11 business reorganization proceedings.

Business & Commercial Litigation


Litigation can vary from the simple to the extremely complex.  We cannot assist you with all litigation, but we will quickly advise you when you need to find other counsel.  On those matters which we can provide representation, our goal is to be practical and goal oriented with you and in the pursuit of a lawsuit.  There are times when it may be impractical to pursue litigation.  There are other times when our experience in various areas of law can provide you with alternatives to litigation.  If litigation is undertaken, we will pursue the matter with diligence and keep you advised of all steps taken or to be pursued on your behalf. 

Consumer Protection


There are many state and federal laws designed to protect consumers from predatory business practices.  Many of these laws require that the wrongdoing creditor pay the consumer=s attorneys fees. The types of cases we pursue for our clients include the wrongful repossession of automobiles, improper debt collection practices and erroneous credit reporting.

Corporate Transactions & Business Acquisitions


Whether it be related to the formation of a new business entity or the purchase or sale of an existing business, we have the experience to assist you.  For over thirty years we have worked with clients in this area.  With well over $500,000,000.00 of completed transactions, we have seen many of the issues that new business owners will face in starting or acquiring a business, and we have assisted many business owners in the transitions associated with the sale of their business.  We will be happy to work with you in this exciting area.

Debt Relief and Debt Negotiation


We provide debt relief and debt negotiation for individuals and families.  Relief can be obtained through debt discharge or debt repayment under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.  Relief can also be obtained through repayment plans under state law.  We also negotiate with creditors to settle debts.  Our clients receive personal attention at every step of the debt relief process.     

Elder Law (Title XIX / Medicaid)


Elder Law, although a part of Estate Planning, concentrates on issues that affect individuals later in life. The primary focus for many individuals is planning for potential long-term care or nursing home care. Both Thomas E. Balgeman and Terry J. Klippel have been members of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys for more than ten years.


Our representation of clients includes planning for medicaid and Title XIX needs that may arise in the future, as well as drafting trusts for such purposes, exempting assets, and preparing Title XIX applications. We also assist with planning for those individuals who reside in the community and review private and government programs available to them to assist them with their needs. We have been providing services in those areas for nearly twenty years.

Equipment Leasing


Equipment leasing is a type of financing which is available to businesses throughout the world.  Its importance in providing business financing has grown dramatically since the enactment of the 1986 Tax Reform Act.   In recognition of this growth in equipment financing throughout the U.S. and on a global level, the equipment leasing industry has developed and provided several types of leasing and financing products to provide flexibility to companies looking to acquire equipment and software. 

We have experience working with this industry for over fifteen years.  The complexities of the industry often require experienced legal representation.  There still exists confusion in this area of law as many courts and attorneys confuse it with secured lending.  This is the case even though specialized laws have been in existence for many years dealing with the uniqueness of equipment leasing. 


We have provided representation to leasing companies in areas of preparing the required documentation, enforcing leases in and out of court proceedings, including bankruptcy courts, and assisting in educating clients in new areas that may apply to their industry.



Estate Planning


The firm is active in multiple areas of estate planning for individuals and families. This includes the preparation of powers of attorney for finances and health care, HIPAA authorizations, wills, revocable living trusts, and other trusts including grantor retained annuity trusts, charitable remainder trusts and special needs trusts.


Estate planning also often includes consultation as to Wisconsin marital property implications and preparation of appropriate marital property agreements. In certain situations it is important to consider other trust arrangements including irrevocable life insurance trusts, education trusts, and various charitable trust arrangements. Finally, the firm can provide representation in matters involving special needs trusts for disabled children or adults in order to help preserve qualification for certain public benefits.

Family Law


Our firm offers full representation in all Family Law matters including Divorce, Legal Separation, Post Judgment Issues, Maintenance, Child Support, Child Custody and Paternity.  Please contact us for an initial consultation so that we may evaluate your case.  We welcome the opportunity to represent you during what can be a very emotional and difficult time.

Federal Income Taxation


Our taxation practice allows us to help individuals and businesses with issues involving the Internal Revenue Service and Wisconsin Department of Revenue. As part of our practice, we prepare individual income tax returns for existing clients, trust and estate tax returns (including charitable remainder trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, etc.), and other required reports.  We also assist taxpayers in tax planning in order to minimize their annual tax liabilities.  Attorney Thomas E. Balgeman is a CPA as well as an attorney.



Whether you are seeking the guardianship of a minor who is turning 18 or an adult, we would welcome the opportunity to represent you. Guardianships fall generally into two categories. First, a child may continue to require a legal guardian because the child’s decision-making abilities are affected by a condition such as Down’s Syndrome or a brain injury.  Second, a guardianship of an adult may become necessary because health and/or financial/business/legal decisions need to be made by someone who is no longer competent to make those decisions or even appoint someone to make those decisions through Powers of Attorney. We work with the family (or community) member who is willing to serve as the guardian, that is, the person who steps forward to make health, business, financial and legal decisions on behalf of the incompetent individual.  We handle the hearing and are willing to work with you afterwards to help prepare the annual reports which must be filed with the courts.

Personal Injury


Our firm offers representation to those injured at work, on the highway or elsewhere. We deal with the insurance company to assure that the injured party receives full compensation, not only for injuries, but also for medical bills, wage loss, and pain and suffering. We do this on a contingent fee basis, meaning that the attorney is not paid until a recovery is made for the client.

Powers of Attorney


An essential part of an estate plan, arguably as important as having a Will (or trust), is the component comprised of Powers of Attorney. To ensure that someone whom you trust has the authority to handle your financial matters and make health decisions on your behalf in the event that you are ever unable to do so yourself, we draft documents known as Powers of Attorney. When we meet with you, we discuss the reasons for selecting family members and friends whom you trust to handle these matters, as well as the content of these documents.


A Durable Power of Attorney for financial matters allows the person you name to take actions such as paying your bills, accessing your bank accounts, taking care of insurance claims and benefits and selling your house. Even if you are married or your property is held in joint tenancy a Durable Power of Attorney is necessary because your spouse does not already have the authority to handle your financial matters.


A Power of Attorney for Health Care gives the person with whom you have discussed your wishes the right to oversee your health care and make necessary decisions about your health care and end-of-life issues should you be unable to express your wishes or make these decisions yourself.  We endeavor to memorialize your wishes in the Statement of Desires section of this document, which makes it function as a living will.




Probate & Trust Administration


Probate is the process by which the administration of a decedent's estate is supervised by the Probate Court. Probate is typically required when a person dies either without or with a Will. The firm has substantial experience in the efficient and effective administration of a probate estate in counties throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. The firm can assist in the administration of a decedent's trust. While a decedent's trust normally will not require Probate Court involvement it may be advisable for a trustee to seek legal representation during the trust settlement process. The firm also can represent beneficiaries of trusts who may have questions as to the proper administration and management of various types of trusts.

Real Estate


The attorneys at Storm, Balgeman & Klippel, S.C. are familiar with the detail oriented issues surrounding real estate transactions and have experience representing clients from all walks of life in purchasing, selling, transferring or foreclosing on commercial and residential property. The firm also represents lenders and title insurance companies in residential mortgage loan closing transactions.

Wills, Trusts, & Estates


Please refer to Estate Planning &/or Probate and Trust Administration above.





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